As part of its awareness-raising work, MEDASSET, together with AKTO, the College of Art and Design, and DoitEco Project, created a competition in which 10 students and recent graduates of the College have been given an opportunity to present new work to the public. All the clothing includes fabric woven with ECONYL® yarn – so it’s partly made with recycled fishing nets. Four of the five judges tasked with selecting the three top designers are women who are professionals in the fields of conservation, fashion, art, or business.

The fifth set of marks will be in the gift of the public, which, from the 5th of May is invited to join the judging panel and cast its votes to say which of the 10 competitors has best succeeded in communicating the ambitions of the initiative! The results will be announced on our website and the three top designers will be awarded their prizes at a special event.

About the Project:

Contestants were requested to create an ‘artistic’ outfit (left) and a ‘wearable’ outfit (right) based on a common concept.

Photography: Stefanos Samios /
Models: Hana, Stella and Marilena
Hair & Makeup by Freddy Makeup Stage

To select the 3 young designers you wish to support, click on their names and then click VOTE.  You cannot vote more than once. Results will appear after you vote.

…and the winners are (after combining the judges’ evaluation and public vote):

1.Katerina Rigopoulou

2.Giorgos Voulgaris

3.Afroditi Michailidi


  • Amalia Bogri, Conservation
    235 Votes (9.86%)
  • Andreas Christodoulides, Bullies and Victims
    141 Votes (5.91%)
  • Anna Garidi, Humancatcher
    82 Votes (3.44%)
  • Dennis Giatras, Regeneration
    332 Votes (13.93%)
  • Katerina Kehagia, Sea-links
    118 Votes (4.95%)
  • Afroditi Michailidi, Reλυσεd (Released)
    492 Votes (20.64%)
  • Konstantinos Papavasiliou, Tangled Siren
    173 Votes (7.26%)
  • Katerina Rigopoulou, The circles of life and the infinity nets
    329 Votes (13.80%)
  • Stavrianna Sassalou, Sea Turtles and the fragile equilibrium of Life
    308 Votes (12.92%)
  • Giorgos Voulgaris, Floating Tightly
    174 Votes (7.30%)