MEDASSET (Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles) has been collaborating with the European initiative “Healthy Seas: A Journey from Waste to Wear” since the start of 2015.

The "Healthy Seas" Initiative has been identifying and collecting abandoned fishing nets; some from the sea bed where they may be snagged on rocks, others tangled among wreckage, still more lying piled on docksides when they are no longer fit for use. Once the ghost nets have removed from the water, they can no longer go on trapping marine life; needlessly killing all kinds of creatures, such as seals, dolphins, sharks, crustaceans and, of course, sea turtles. The collected nets are sent off to a processing plant in Slovenia where they are recycled to produce a high quality nylon yarn, ECONYL®, which is used in the manufacture of a wide range of new products – from socks and swimwear to carpets.

As part of the promotion of this initiative in Greece, we have organised an exhibition of fashion design following a competition among 10 current students and recent graduates of the AKTO College of Art and Design in Athens. Each of them will show two designs (one a ‘concept’ garment and the other a wearable piece) made with ECONYL® fabric and other sustainably sourced materials.